People Magazine - Mariska Hargitay, Husband Have A Son

"As for staying in shape while she was expecting, Hargitay did prenatal yoga, rubbed Belly Smooches cream on her stomach and dreamed about..."

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Belly Magazine - Body Quenchers - Banish dry, itchy skin with these bath time treats

"Created by mothers, this creamy moisturizer, with shea butter, squaline (from olives), antioxidants, and vitamin E, absorbs quickly and easily - and isn't greasy."

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Pregnancy Magazine - Fresh Starts - These hand picked products should make life easier, and more fun, while you are pregnant or simply easing into life as a mommy

"Soothe the skin of your expanding belly with this fast-absorbing, grapefruit-scented cream."

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I just want to let you know that I found your product on a website when I was pregnant with my son (he was born in March of 2007) and I bought a jar to check it out. I fell in love IMMEDIATELY not only with the scent but with the product in general. I kept one by my bed and one in the bathroom at all times during my 9 months for quick application. I did not get any stretch marks at all and I tell everyone that Belly Smooches prevented the dreadful marks for me. I now let every pregnant friend in on my little secret! I have you saved in my favorites online for the next one!

Noreen Nevis
Rochester, NY


Thank you so much for personally returning my e-mail - now THAT'S customer service!!!

I went back to the "original" Smooches last night, and was
reminded how you have the best product on the market. I tell every friend I have who gets pregnant about it! I put it on faithfully every morning and night, and I had no itching, smooth skin, and, most of all, no road map of stretch marks anywhere! Thanks for making such a great product!

Best wishes,
Elizabeth Hess
Chicago, IL


Luv this stuff!!

"I'm at the end of my first jar and I luv it. I am 6 months and have not gotten one stretch mark. I can't say for sure its because of the creme, but I dont want to stop using it to find out! It works great for itching and it leaves your skin like silk. Good luck to all you soon to be mommies!"
-First time mommy, New York

Great consistency and scent

"I really love this cream, it has a nice fresh clean scent and it goes on nice and smooth. It's not too greasy so you don't have to worry about putting clothes on right after using it. It's great for the belly and hips and thighs, but I also like to use it on my hands!"
-Deedee, mother of 1 and expecting, San Diego, CA


Really A Belly Smooch

"I have always hated really scented creams and lotions, so a friend of mine suggested trying this. She said it wasn't greasy or smelly - she was right. It's not just for your belly - use it on your back and bottom too!"
-Kerri, pregnant with first baby, Orange County, CA


Love this cream

"My friend sent this to me as a gift and I absolutely love it! It isn't thick or sticky and it absorbs right into my skin. My stomach was feeling so dry, but I have been using this every day and I love it."
-Stephanie, mom-to-be, California